New Carburetor/Modifications/Rebuild Spec Form
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C&S Specialties, 3528 Highway B, St. Charles, MO 63301

SERVICE REQUESTED:    New Carb     Rebuild     Modification
No. of Cylinders:
Engine Type (Ford, Chevy, etc.):
Cu. In. Displacement:
RPM (Max):    RPM (Min):    Fuel Type:
Cam Type: Roller     Hydraulic     Flat    
Cam Lift (I):     Cam Lift (E):    
Cam Duration (I):     Cam Duration (E):
Lobe Separation:     Heads (Degree):
Transmission: Auto    Stick    Stall:    Rear Gear:
Supercharger: Roots     Screw     Centri     Turbo
Boost (PSI):     Blowthru     Drawthru
NOS (1st):     (2nd)     (3rd)    
Type of Racing (check all that apply):
Drag Race     Circle Track     Puller     Hill Climb     Super Speedway
Road Race     Short Track     Asphalt   Other
Track Size:     Car Weight:     Tire Size:
Work Description/Comments:
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