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Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. My throttle shaft is sticking. What should I do?

    A sticky throttle shaft is usually caused by dirt between the throttle shaft and the base casting. In most cases shafts can be freed by using choke & carb cleaner and compressed air sprayed where the throttle shaft and base meet while working the throttle linkage back and forth. Under no circumstances should any petroleum-based lubricants be used to lubricate shafts, cams, pump arms or springs. By performing the above cleaning procedure after every race this should keep it from sticking.

  2. How long is it OK to leave alcohol in my carburetor/fuel system?

    Anytime the fuel system is not used for more than 7 days it should be drained and flushed. This includes the accelerator pump cavity.

  3. Should I use TeflonŽ tape when assembling my new C&S fuel system?

    NO. NEVER. NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. C&S recommends the use of liquid pipe sealer like LoctiteŽ part number 565. Remember for use on National Tapered Pipe (NTP) threads only.

  4. What causes my base-plate to warp or break?

    One of the biggest causes is thick or stacked base gaskets and uneven tightening and/or loosening of the base-plate to the manifold. The bolts should be brought down in a criss-cross pattern torqued evenly and removed the same way.

  5. I have a drag car with a 400-500 gallon per hour pump and a fuel pressure regulator. My car seems to run lean/inconsistent. What can be the problem?

    Regulators work by restricting fuel flow to the carburetor this can sometimes cause the fuel bowl to empty due to the restriction the regulator places on the fuel delivery system. Fuel delivery system output can be increased by using a two pressure return style fuel system (Part number 4510, 4507 or 4509) with your existing 400-500 GPH pump.

  6. When do I need to remove my rear power-valve and add jet extensions and a notched float on my drag car?

    Anytime the 60 ft times are 1.5 seconds or faster.