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Phone: 636-723-4996
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Technical Information
Flow Bench

Since 1974, C&S Specialties has designed and built specialized machines and test equipment to advance carburetor and fuel system performance.

We have accumulated over 15,000 hours of fuel system test data. Currently the C&S flow bench facility is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Three turbine systems (7.5 HP, 20 HP and 30HP) can be operated separately or combined to test carburetors, manifolds and other components -- from a Briggs & Stratton carburetor with a venturi the size of a dime to the largest internal combustion engines on the planet -- while maintaining laboratory grade accuracy of one half of one percent or better.

Computerized wet flow measurement allows precise design of fuel flow as well as air flow. So air/fuel ratios can be accurately measured right on the flow bench. As well as real world testing of related components. Competitors who attempt to produce precision racing carburetors without comparable equipment can produce a product that looks good, but even they do not know if it will produce the desired results. If it were possible to determine performance by looks, there would be no need for dynos or flow bench testing!

For the last 30 years, we have offered a 30-day money-back guarantee on our top-of-the-line Aerosol Billet carburetor. Still none of the dozens of would-be carburetor specialists dare to match our guarantee. Their products are simply too inconsistent for a money-back guarantee to be possible.

We also offer contract research and development, backed by winning experience in everything from aircraft engines, offshore power boats, Bonneville land speed record holders, Pro Stock drag racing, pulling tractors and trucks, many circle track and drag race championships and special events such as sand drags, swamp buggies and the high altitude Pike’s Peak hill climb which C&S has dominated for over two and one half decades.

Many variations of the products shown in this catalog are available for special needs -– in many cases at no extra charge.

Whatever your budget, you can still afford the most valuable product we have: because consulting the C&S Tech Hotline about your application is still FREE. Call (636) 723-4996 Mon thru Fri 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Fax data to (636) 723-1277.